© Nicholas Finn Myggen

I was born in Panorama City, California in 1981, and raised in Los Angeles until I was thirteen. I then moved to Sweden and was enrolled into boarding school. I attended middle school through high school in Sigtuna, a small town outside Stockholm. Today I live in downtown San Francisco.

In L.A. I was on and off film sets starting at the age of eight. At this age I was an extra in a few commercials.

On vacation from boarding school I would come home to L.A. and work on film sets whenever possible.

Photography had sparked my interest as a child after I saw my grandfather taking and developing photos, it was extremely interesting to see an image appear out of nowhere onto photo paper.

My father also had a large influence, he is a commercial producer in L.A. and would have me work on his productions.

Another influence was a close family friend Dean, who at the time worked for The Los Angeles Daily News as a sports photographer. He was able to give me a tour of their darkroom, and taught me the basics when I was young.

During high school I started developing an understanding of both still and motion photography, my school having both a darkroom and an Avid editing suite accelerated my passion for both mediums.

After high school I moved back to California and enrolled into Academy of Art University to study Motion Picture Cinematography.

Today I am actively involved in both the independent and commercial aspects of the city’s film industry. Working as a  DP on many different productions including webseries, music videos, commercials and short films; shooting on anything from 35mm to Digital.

My work has been presented on AccessSF, ESPN, Comcast Sportsnet, CNBC, CNN International and even some commercials have played on the big screen.


Nicholas Finn Myggen